Set Right Typography

Design Philosophy

Simplicity is power.

Your message is the primary design element.

Relevance is the criteria for anything added.

Reach your audience with appropriate designs based on logic and intuition.

Brilliant design communicates without drawing attention to itself.

Design is very much a part of life.


Before Digital

Things were a lot different in 1976!

Great efforts were made at copyfitting because phototype galleys could not be seen until after they were developed.

Logos and half-tones were shot on the large format PMT camera. It took up half the dark room and I need a step-stool to reach the lid. The PMTs were then developed by hand, hung to dry and waxed before being added to a layout.

We did paste-up with wax. Cut photo masks out of rubylith. Ruled forms by hand.

A solid platform for inspired solutions was built from these early trade shop years.


From Typography to Design

Understanding production work gives me a uniquely intentional angle on design today.

Set Right Typography has been providing creative resources for business since 1992. Relocation to the Big Island of Hawaii in 2000 allowed the company to begin a transformation.

Over time our focus has shifted from production oriented to more heart centered, viewing design as very much a part of life.

Composing information to be beautiful and legible is a practice with multiple considerations. After much deliberation, I enjoy presenting a layout that appears to have fallen together as if by magic.


Our Next Adventure

Our specialty is highlighting your expertise. You know your business, we help you show that with pure style.

Please allow us to guide your project towards the highest professional standards.


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