Layers of texture and color

23 Mar

Little wall charms. Easier than saying miniature sculpture-painting-collages. They might be magic. It feels good to be a little bit delighted by my own creations. I asked a friend (another artist) if it is okay for me enjoy my work so much. She said yes, as long as I can also let go of it. Thank you! What a great answer.

Everything has two coats except the "stones" in the middle are still raw.

With a little antiquing. There will be little shortie poems along the raised pathways.

I’ve gone over both whites with a sponge of yellow oxide. Two colors of copper and two colors of silver plus black. Nice. Even though I attempted to get more of a layered look with less colors, this is where I got satisfied.

Below: Pictures, captions, more or less in real time.

I like the shape of this stone and the way the bezel compensates to fit the round.

Feels like a mechanical gadget. Got hardware?

Oh my, the RED!

Photo op. The red really shines.

First coat on the stones. There will be many many more coats. Lots of extra-gloss gel, glitter, special stone-y effects. But for the moment, I am enjoying the pure colors just as they are.

I have plans to make this stone look like a pendant I've been wearing since I was 15.

What a hoot, right?

Side view.

Mirror in the middle.

While I waited for the fronts to dry hard enough for a second coat... I had a signing party. It's just me and my sharp brush. I call it a party because I'm doing them all at once. Also because I'm willing to sign them before they're finished which is a big deal. Like doing a crossword in ink.


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