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Beads, bookmarks and magnets

17 Apr

2012: Lots going on in the studio the last couple weeks. Lots more pictures to share. My personal breakthroughs, too.

Although I started the bead coloring with some concerns, I ended up liking them so much more than I expected. And I also ended up finishing my original prototype Thesaurus Beads. While I was at it. And having so much fun. Of course. It felt good to see how a little color could add a finishing touch to the beads that I previously only saw as experimental pieces.

“Perhaps” is so named for the text on the bead

When I started making collage beads I didn’t know why I was but I knew that I had to and I believe it was part of my process to just do them without too much questioning. I made several attempts to highlight the beads by dangling them from artsy bases. This multi-layered piece (above) in its own oak frame is pretty cool and was fun to make but clearly, I have not achieved a $5 item. Well, I had my breakthrough when I realized the bead is art even if I can’t find anyplace on it for a signature. A signature is not what makes it art. YAY!

And, then it turns out there’s more to life than beads. I want to thank a twinkly-eyed friend for suggesting bookmarks. Who knew bookmarks could be so much fun to make? I don’t even know if people still need bookmarks but … and this might sound familiar … they’re ART so we’ve already established that it doesn’t matter what else they’re FOR. It is okay to call it a bookmark and then hang it on the bulletin board.

As much fun as the bookmarks are to make, I’ve been relentless in my mission to create something justabitfaster. I went ahead with the bookmarks and didn’t take any shortcuts. But I while I worked I felt myself being pulled really close to that big idea. And I kept feeling more sure that I could distill the essence of this work into something even smaller than a bookmark.

That essence became magnets. I’m just getting started.

Below I’m trying out the “Gallery” feature. There are 22 pictures with captions. Click on any to get the larger view and then you can scroll through. How cool is this?