Annual Reports

Below: Business Services Annual Report: 32 pages, produced 7 years

“The client is really delighted with your design. It actually made one of the accountants giggle.”

Business Services Annual Report

Business Services Annual Report

Below: Conservation Organization Annual Report, 1992: 16 pages, 11″ x 8.5″

Non-profit Organization Annual Report

Non-profit Organization Annual Report

Below: Northwest Paint Horse Directory: 84 pages, produced 8 years

Northwest Paint Horse Directory

Northwest Paint Horse Directory

“We appreciate the individual attention you give to each ad.” — Franklin Printing

Below: Triple Crown Futurities: 20 pages, produced 6 years

Triple Crown Futurities

Triple Crown Futurities

Below: National Notes: 96 pages, produced 4 years

National Notes

National Notes

“Thanks a million! The layout is very well liked. Your work is excelled only by your patience!!” — Betty Thompson

Below: Debutante Ball Souvenir Program: 36 pages, produced 4 years

Debutantes Ball

Debutante Ball


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