Ka’u Directory

The Directory, Business and Community Resource Guide

Produced 2005 through 2008, up to 68 pages, 8.5″ x 5.5″

Below, Cover Highlights: Original artwork by JD, as selected in a jurried competition, on the front cover of 2007. Original artwork by Alexis on the back cover of 2005.

Ka'u Business Directory Covers

Ka’u Business Directory Covers

Below: Inside sample pages. 2005 was still all black ink inside, from 2006 on, it was full color all the way.

Ka'u Directory Inside Pages

Ka’u Directory Inside Pages

My work on The Directory was more than a design job packed with ads and information. It was a full on life experience. During my years with the Chamber of Commerce, I was involved on many levels. Production of the cover art contest for three years, development of the Chamber scholarship program, maintenance of the Chamber website. Plus, two years sitting on the Chamber Board of Directors.

“2004, the year we started to work together and have fun, too. Thank you Alexis and JD for guiding us through all the ups-and-downs and ins-and-outs. The 2005 Directory is beautiful!” — Mars & Wayne

“It has your telltale clean lines and logic, despite the many facts and figures. I don’t know how you pull it all together and make it look so great. A real talent, they must love having you.” — Scott Barnard


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