Forms and Illustrations

Business Forms

Below: Installation Proposal, Bill of Lading, and Furnace Maintenance Labeling.

Proposal, Bill of Lading, Furnace Label

Proposal, Bill of Lading, Furnace Label

Below: Hospital Flow Chart, 25.5″x11″, tri-fold with hole punch at top

Hospital Flow Sheet

Hospital Flow Chart

Below: Labor Law Posters, English and Spanish, 26″x39″.

Labor Law Posters

Labor Law Posters


Below: Illustrations and logo reproductions (transitioning from paper logo sheets to digital files).

“I have known Alexis for more than 15 years, working on typesetting and design projects through many stages of the layout and type process as it developed, from hand delivered pasteboard to e-mailed files going direct to plate. She has a complete understanding of the processes. Her accuracy is outstanding, her files are always complete and laid out correctly, and her judgement is sound. I have full confidence that every job we send her will be done right, and on time.” — Marti Crawford, Lasko Printing [2003]


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