Life in Our Phage World

26 Aug

Below: Sample pages from Life in Our Phage World, 400 pages, 8.5″x11″

Life in Our Phage World

Life in Our Phage World

2015: Have gotten lots of great feedback on this work. I’ve been told that the layout is fresh and welcoming. The pages are open and airy and the text sizes are legible. Has a surprisingly “light feeling” for such a large volume. I say thank you. And I say how exciting it was to be part of this excellent team of scientists and artists. Helping to put the finishing touches on a project that had taken on a life of its own, long before I arrived. By the end I felt very much a part of the Phage Phamily.

I am so proud and happy with this bio that is on the last page of the book:

Alexis Morrison arrived in the phage world with an extensive background in graphic design and typography on board, eager to dig in on a major new project. We welcomed her with hundreds of files and asked her to make of them a beautiful book. She complied, solving innumerable problems en route much to the relief of the Publishing Editor. Multi-faceted, she loves to paint and to sew, to work in papier mache, to create mysterious poetry. The ideal week is an artistic smorgasbord balanced by a few hours on the beach. Having strong interests in both fashion design and recycling, and delighting in miniatures, Alexis found she has much in common with the phages. After tasting both the East and West Coasts, she currently lives a quietly creative life on the Big Island of Hawai’i as one of the Zen Hens—a love-life-art support network forged with two imaginative friends. Her handmade treasures travel widely, leaving her contentedly creating at home.


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